Sunday, January 31, 2010

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

I am so happy to be sitting here typing his while watching the Grammy pre-show..gotta love that Lady Gaga..

So for the first time since being banded I ventured out and about, and landed at my favorite farmers market in Vermont, I was starved because my protein shake had long wore off. Of course I'll find something for lunch there...right? I tried some (awful) thai style vegtable soup. Even the broth was putrid, could not eat it. For the first time I really understand what people mean now by talking about public eating being difficult. I left there feeling frustrated and hungry! So we kept walking and found a little cafe where I had a little lentil soup. Yes, I am still in my soft foods phase, so it is twice as hard to find something compatible for me. So now I know, stay prepared! Today when I was out and about I had a stash of plum and bananas baby food. Like Jillian Michaels says, "when you fail to plan, you plan to fail".

I go to the Dr. tomorrow, I am very excited about this. First of all (and I can't believe I am going to say this) I can't wait to step on the scale, I want Dr. Adam to see how well I'm doing. I am so thankful for him and my band, and I just can't wait. Plus I get my staples removed. I am healing really well.

This weekend I had this crazy idea to go hiking to the High Ledges, (about a mile and a half) on the coldest day of the year. But you know what, I had a blast. It was hard work, and it was cold, but it felt good, and it was so worth it for the view. I only fell once so that wasn't bad, hahaaa. By the end of the hike, I was stripping all my layers off..

Curvy girls can jump too!


  1. Hiking has become my favorite thing! The higher I climb, the more amazing I feel. Way to go on your hike. Good luck at the doctor's visit tomorrow!!

  2. Let me start by telling you.. You have the most glamorous friendly beautiful smile.. It jumps out the screen and makes me smile back.. You are getting right into it arent you.. Hiking and all.. Wow, I'm still not into that, and I'm a year out.. lol..
    As for eating out. It can be a pain in the ass. I for one am not a soup person, so have never gone for that.. I would either go for small mashed potato and gravy (KFC) or a cafe carvery where they sell roast meat and veges, and just order up a piece or 2 of baked pumpkin. Perhaps with a side of gravy, just to make it moist enough to go down without creating a scene.. It does help to be more prepared, but life is not always so predictable. You will soon learn what works with you when you're out and about.
    Good luck at the doctors tomorrow.
    xx Nene

  3. Curvy girls SURE can jump - look at you off the ground lol. Nice going there.

    The eating outside the house can be a right pain in the ass - try to find something band friendly and it's always difficult. But you did it in the end? ... PS What is lentil soup like? I've never had it.

  4. Great view and look at that jump...with staples still in! How would you like to be the one sitting behind Lady Gaga LOL!! Soup is always a safe bet eating out (we just finished up the last of our homemade lentil soup this weekend...yum!).

  5. Lentil soup has some lentils, spices, maybe some red pepper, it usually has celery in it, which I avoided. Its a dark colored thick soup..yum!

    Yes, my staples were still in...craziness. lol

  6. Looks like you're doing great. My hubby is OBSESSED......OB SESSED with Lady Gaga. Kind of scary actually. She is pretty cool though.