Saturday, January 23, 2010

Am I being paranoid?

So of course I am in this time of healing, I have been resting, taking small walks, trying to eat a little here and there, but I also have been surfing the net endlessly. Now that I am "on the other side" I am craving all kinds of knowledge, not that I didn't before, but now I really feel banded. It's So anyway, I came across this website yesterday and was reading through forums, I believe it was and somehow I started reading about blood clots. I think I was just cruising through possible complications, and my tummy has been hurting (mostly because the pain meds make me feel horrible so I don't like to take them) so I started reading this...jeez. So then I'm up in the mirror, looking at my incision
sites. One of them looks a little red around the edges. Great, so now I have blood clots and my port incision is infected! Now this is really not the case, I am just being paranoid. *raises eyebrows* Told you.
I did get my protein supplements and vitamins in. This morning, I am sipping a shake with my vitamins in it, and since the liquid is berry flavored it is tasteless. Note to self, do not put the vitamins in Cream of Wheat. Bad..bad. ew.

This is the complete multivitamin, I also put the description here just to share.

Product Information from Liquid Health Products Liquid Health's first all-inclusive daily nutritional product contain es the highest quality ingredients, including Optiberry, Ester-C, Lyc-O-Mato and FloraGlo Lutein. The addition of fiber and 10 blends and complexes designed to enhance the whole food based vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids in this formula makes Liquid HealthTM Complete the most comprehensive multiple available. Sweetened with agave cactus nectar and fruit juices, Liquid HealthTM Complete is a great tasting multi-supplement for the entire family. Usage: take 1 oz per day (2 tablespoons)

This is the protein I'm trying.

Contains: 3 Protein Sources - Full Amino Acid Spectrum - 15 Grams of Protein per Ounce - Energizing B Vitamins

I am back down to my pre-surgery weight. I noticed I hadn't posted any numbers yet on here. I guess sometimes I still feel embarrassed, even tho I'm amongst friends here. I know everyone kept telling me to not worry about the scale so much this week, so thats what I've been trying to do. I was able to do a little Wii fit yesterday, I'm just trying not to push it. May I just say, my Dr. did warn me about more gas, bloating..omg, talk about pain! My left shoulder has been so sore. It really got bad yesterday after I had a few bites of cottage cheese. So I don't think that agrees with me. :(


  1. You crack me up! That is why I can't read symptoms on the web, I get everything! Hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. I am looking to find some new liquid vitamins, so thanks for the recomendation.

  3. I recently was torn to shreds by a couple of (now former) friends because I wrote a note on Facebook about how starting a conversation with a Banded person with "So, how much have you lost?" is like asking a woman, "So, are you on your second or third day of your period?"

    Even if people know you're banded, it's their responsibility as your friends to not be concerned with your numbers but with who you are as a person. Don't worry about not sharing your numbers. It's more about how you feel, if you have questions or want positive reinforcement from people.

  4. You're so right..thank you for that.

  5. How is the taste of liquid vitamin? What store did you find it at?

  6. welll....I have been extremely nauseous this week, and the liquid vitamin is berry flavored..but it does have a certain.."aroma" it isn't bad honestly, but when you pair that with a nauseous feeling.. In the shake it's not that bad. When I am feeling better, it will probably be easier to mix with foods. I ordered it from

  7. I have gotten to the point that I rarely go to lapband talk because of all the stories you read on there. I just stick to blog reading now. Anyway, sounds like you are doing great, just try to not sweat the small stuff and as far as posting your weight, you sure don't have to post anything you don't want to - even if you do, you can post (or get tickers) for pounds lost and never give away the actual numbers. Just keep up the good work. It sounds like you are determined to take good care of yourself.

  8. OOOh
    You know - the worst thing you could do is self-analyse on the net lol. I have heard some awful feeback from people who read Lapband talk so I have never even looked at it. I don't want to hear any negatives before I know whats happening myself - if any pop up, I will deal with them myself. Maybe stay with our blogs - and if you are worried about something post about it - you will get a much more thorough and supportive answer :) (Might not be completely right tho lol.. but we do our best..)

  9. Reading complications just post-op...crazy girl LOL! Thanks for following and I signed up here...can't wait to watch your progress on the other side! Feel better soon! -BG

  10. Hi Athena :) New lurker here thought I should post. I too do the "look it up on the net and self diagnose" thing. I'm glad I have patient doctor that puts up with my ramblings when I do get in.

    I wonder if a health food store would carry the liquid vitamins? I hate swallowing those Complete Multi's that are horse sized pills.