Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blogger on Blackberry?

Does anyone know if you can somehow update your blog remotely? I may be away this weekend and it would be nice to still be able to blog. I looked around online and really couldn't find an app, app that didn't cost any money. Free is the magic word!

So yesterday I'm felling really good when I get up, and the house of course has not been cleaning was the maids day off (right), so I decided to do some cleaning. Omigosh, it took me sooo long. I was taking breaks and sweating, what a workout, but I think I just overdid it. I guess a week out of surgery isn't that long when you think about it. I have been very aware of the changes going on inside my tummy. Mostly I notice the incredibly intense "gnawing" sensation when I'm hungry, it's almost does that crazy feeling then it is followed by a regular tummy growl. Weirdness. Also my pockets are getting fatter! I am not going out to eat, and I know that this is due a lot to the pre-op diet and now the pureed...although, I really see myself eating at home most of the time know. For one, I can't eat very much, and I really really want to stay away from starches. So far I don't miss them. Another saver has been wine...I admit, I love my wine, but I am not keeping it at home right now, and haven't been going out to dinner and having it, so this band is really a blessing. I'm not sayin I'm not drinking ever again...but for now, I don't miss it. I have been so ready for this lifestyle change, I just needed the right tools to make it work.
I can feel the band too, especially if I sit a certain way. If there is any slouching in my spine at all, I feel it in there pressing and I immediately straighten up. So I guess thats a plus.. It is just a weird feeling tho. Knowing its in there. Sometimes when I am drinking something and get a little "full" feeling, it almost feels like I can't take normal deep breaths..? I just have to remind myself to slow down, and try to be very aware of reading my body.

I do have a Zumbaaaa! report. A friend of mine goes to a weekly class, and has invited me in the past, but I am finally going. I'm very excited that it just a pay as you go class, so no gym membership required. That works for me :) I have read on so many blogs out here how popular it is, so I am going to give it a try. I love dancing, so I think I'll enjoy it. I did ask her if I would be the biggest girl there...and she was like.."Noooo!" so. okay. I'll go. lol.

There is a support group tomorrow evening at my Dr.s office. I really want to go. Now that I am on the other side, I have different things to talk about and questions.

I really hope everyone has a great day..!


  1. you can update blogger from your blackberry- you go to your dashboard and it is somewhere in the settings there. I have it set up for my phone and have used it before. If you have a blackberry you can just access the blogger site on the web, sign in and post that way (just like on your computer) as well. HTH... Jen

  2. Hey, good luck with the Zumba. Let us know how you did!