Thursday, January 28, 2010

SV !! Is there such a thing...?

I read about NSV, but what about SV's ? I weighed in this morning and have lost 25 lbs. (including my pre-op diet loss) since I started this journey!
I ♥ my band.
I feel so good. I really believe what Jillian said this week on Biggest Loser, that if you are in a bad space, or negative with yourself and others around you, that it affects the levels of toxins and everything (don't remember exactly) in your body to fight against you, and you won't lose weight. I feel marvelous and I really think it helps. That concludes Deep Thoughts for today.

I am going to ban my kitty Leo from the bed..third night in a row he has woken me up by walking across my chest. Then there is this whole thing, I have to catch him to throw him out, but I have this thing and really don't like to sleep with the bedroom door closed, (too many episodes of Paranormal State). He may look cute but, I aughta!!

So I am counting down days until I can go to mushies...I really miss eggs. Last night for dinner I had strained french onion soup and warmed up baby food sweet potatoes. Wasn't too bad...


  1. That meal actually sounds nice. And bad cat! I have one that loves to do the Mumba on my chest too - little bugger. They sure do melt us thought when they look at us with those big eyes.

    Fab weight loss so far! Go you. 25 lbs is an amazing beginning. Well done!!

  2. Scale victories are good, too! Take all the victories you get, they are YOURS!

  3. bad kitty!!...Paranormal State?? WTF?? that must have been a misprint or either i read it just can't be.

  4. Yes yes..I admit, sometimes I watch that freaky paranormal show..and I don't know why!!

    Yes..I agree, I think scale victories rock!

  5. 25 WOOT! That's great GF!!! Keep it up!

  6. Congrats on the 25lbs!!! Fab job

  7. Whelp, firstly, ROCK ON! Scale victories count too, we just use the NSVs to help get us through the moments when the scale is having its time of the month, so to speak.

    And oh, kitty. Our Marley (adopted at a year old, history was she only had one family and was found as a very young kitten so she doesn't really understand how to be too "cat-like" which is perfect because she's another individual personality in a household full of them) used to love to hide in our bedroom and wait until the *ahem* most inappropriate times to jump on the bed and croon her presence.

    Needless to say, we check to make sure we kick her out of the room before we call it a night now. LOL. But we love our tabby ragdoll mix girlie poo. A spoiled puss, that one.

  8. Isn't it crazy how much personality they have...? Thats a great name btw, Marley..actually my Mom's cat has the same name..