Friday, January 8, 2010

Pre Op Preparations

I am scared and nervous and anxious but I am ready! I loaded up on popsicles and broth. I am worried I will starve to death but I'm sure I won't wither away. I am ready and I want this!
I just though I wanted to start a blog to help me journal my everyday life with this process and to share it. I enjoy other peoples' blogs about the lap band and it has been very helpful to me and I think it will help me on my path.

I had my last regular size meal tonight (Sushi) and a few Mai Tais to boot and that's it! So much of my life is focused on this like "B.L.B: Before Lap Band" and now it's gonna be "A.L.B: After Lap Band!" My surgery day is coming quick, and it's all happening so fast.

I will start after my surgery to post pictures of my progress and continue to journal about this process so check back!


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