Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Friday everyone...♥

It is so cold here in Mass today, the wind is blustery and my goats won't even come out of their house! I had Campells 98% fat free Broccoli and Cheese soup for lunch..and I think a little piece of broc might be stuck, I notice it when i take a deep breath and swallow. Need to reallllly practice the whole 30-40 chews thing, but its so hard with soup!

Having a pretty good day so far, today was the first day that I tried my Biggest Loser workout since the surgery, wasn't bad, I love challenge days on that game, and then I did a short Pilates workout on Wii, I am new to it so I am introducing myself slowly, but I like it so far, it really lengthens, and tones your muscles.

I am heading out for the weekend, planning to do some good hiking and walking...and I hope everyone enjoys their weekend :))**

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  1. Nothing wrong with easing yourself into stuff. I know that the half hour a day that I put in with the Wii might have felt "easy" but it was perfect to get me back on track. I went roller skating again today since I was cleared to be able to do so and I am in love with skating. It really boils down to that. If you do an activity that you enjoy, you'll keep doing it. Exercise can never feel forced or you'll start finding reasons not to do it.

    Have a great weekend! Keep going at it, you're doing stellar!