Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day Four of pre-op diet...the countdown is here!

Am I really starting to adjust to this..? Will I still enjoy popsicles 1 year from now? Time will tell, but for now I am feeling..pretty good actually. I have a busy day today, filled with Dr.s and pre-op surgery appointments. Meeting with the anethstesiologist as well. It sure is coming...1 week from today. I still can't believe it.
For the first time since I started playing the Wii Fit game, I really look forward to the body tests. I jump out of bed and get on the balance board...I'll be honest, six months ago I wouldn't dare! Just preparing my body for the band, I am already feeling changes, in fact I am 6 pounds down from my last surgery appt!

I googled 6 lbs and found this burrito..*raises eyebrow* talk about a reality check, ew.

I have been trying to keep my mind and body occupied with other things, such as knitting, reading, exercising... I have recently decided to start painting again. I find balance in this, and it's just nice to have something that's just mine, that no one has any expectations of, that just belongs to me.


  1. Since you'll be eating next to NO food for a while, I'd look up some great recipes for nutritious broth. Canned stuff doesn't give you enough nutrition. I hope you find the wellness you seek! Share your paintings on here, too :-)

  2. Can't wait for you to be post-op! You will do great, trust me parts of it really get easier and as you see successes on and off the scale you will enjoy nourishing your body with healthy foods!

  3. Good things are going to happen for you soon - you're gonna be banded! Whooo.. I too will have a look around for you for nutritious things to eat when on liquids. It might help you get past the worst of it :)

  4. Thank you everyone for the support..it really does mean a lot.

  5. Hi Athena! Love your name!
    Thanks for stopping by and following my blog, I shall definately "keep on eye" on you too!
    Wishing you lots of luck on this journey and will be praying surgery etc goes well. If you aren't already, Gen over at http://ihearttheband.blogspot.com/ is a lovely lady to follow also, as she had band surgery a few months back! I find her great inspiration and just love reading her updates!
    Look forward to seeing how everything develops and share your paintings here too, I love art myself, it is "yours" to create and enjoy for sure and oh so relaxing! :) Have fun in your journey!

  6. Hey I live in MA too, near Lowell. Where are you?? Good Luck with your surgery!!!!


  7. @ ladylapband
    I am south of Norwood, you aren't too far! I've been to Lowell...and thank you very much! I am getting more and more nervous as the day approaches..

    thanks for the referral! the more connecting and support the better!

  8. Wasn't that burrito on man v. food? lol