Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 2 Pre-Op diet

I write this as I am sipping on my yogurt/jello parfait...this is yummy I admit. Day one wasn't all that bad yesterday, untill the evening, it seemed like all the food I didn't eat yesterday all of the sudden was ever present in my rumbling tummy :/ As the evening went on I tried to ignore it, but it seemed like I could hear the growling and I was convinced that the dogs could too! I was so hungry. So I just went to bed. I can do this. I will.
I get inspired in this difficult time by reading other blogs, it makes me excited and keeps me focused. I am ready for my new life...and reading all these stories gives me hope.


  1. Enjoy the parfait, Athena. Stay focused, stay busy. You are so loved.

  2. Hi there,
    Thanks for following my blog: I just saw you on there today and thought I should scoot over and check if you have one.

    When are you getting your surgery? If you're on your liquid diet then you can't be too far off. Hows it all going? Lets us know. And yes, I know I'm complaining right now about my band, but really, it's the best decision you could make for yourself. Trust me on that!! lol
    I have put you on follow now too so I can keep up with your posts. Cara

  3. Hi Athena, I just noticed you started following my blog and are from MA! Where in MA are you from? Where are you having surgery?? I got banded on 8/14 @ Lahey Clinic in Burlington. Email me or find me on my blog if you want to chat!

  4. My date is set for the 19th, and I'm so excited. The liquid diet isn't *that* bad...I am allowed as much jello as I want.. :) I will for sure keep updating, I think that it is beneficial for me to journal this. I am in south MA, and I am getting banded at Norwood Hospital...I went there the other day, it's a little small, but nice.
    Thanks for the follows!

  5. Tula-
    Look at all of these strong women that are showing up to support you! How awesome to have role models and support people. Now, let's walk around the lake!