Monday, January 25, 2010

Rainy Monday Ramblings..

So, I am finally starting to feel like myself again, and it all started when I threw my pain medication right in the trash. It is crazy how horrible they made me feel, what I just couldn't stand anymore was the nausea. I do carefully take 1 Advil Liqugel if I need to, and I don't have any trouble with it going down at all. Appetite is returning for sure. Now I can relate to everyone when they are so excited for "restriction time". What I am curious is, how often do you get fills?
I am slowly but steadily losing weight so far, and I truly feel great. It's amazing what losing a little weight can do, imagine when I am near my goal!
I was reading a blog the other day for menu mushie ideas, and decided to try oatmeal with a spoonful of peanut butter mixed in. Yummy. Love it. I also have been having baby food, as a snack or with my meal. Its a good way to get vitamins, and it tastes pretty good! I have been eating a lot of soups, my fave is butternut squash, and cream of wheat isn't too bad. Bananas blended in my morning protein shake = ♥. In anticipation of moving to the next phase of my diet, I stopped in to an Indian market today to get saag paneer. Craving that like crazy for some reason...
I heard about this thing you can download called Couch Potato to 5K, I think I may have seen it passing thru blogs, has anyone tried it? Something I look forward to is being able to do more actively. I love reading about when all these women (or men) are able to run marathons or make their goals of working out so many hours per month.
Watching Americas Next Top Model marathon today, love this show, but a particular episode Celia has gained some weight since the casting, and Mr. Jay pulled her aside to talk to her about it, using the word "shocked". It seems like everywhere we are so aware of weight and body image.
I guess thats all for now.


  1. Hey! I can't take any pain meds - they just cause more pain! Isn't that ironic?

    Hang in there until the fills. I had my first at six weeks post-op, the next 2.5 weeks later, and my next is scheduled for 2.5 weeks after that one. Fingers crossed, I think I'm experiencing a bit of restriction off this second one, but my surgeon pretty much guarantees restriction between the third and fourth fill.

    And I see that you are a Canon girl - I am, too. Rebel XSi. We are going to get along great! I am an aspiring family and children's photographer, but with two young kids and a full-time job, I'm not doing much about it except dreaming about it. :)


  2. A lot of people do C25K when they're starting out--many people have a lot of success with it! I know of people who have started running 5Ks and marathons because they began with that program.

    Narcotic pain medication makes me feel pretty nasty, too (Lortab gives me headaches, oddly enough). I only took it three days after LAP-BAND surgery and switched to liquid Tylenol after that.

    And as for fills.... My surgeon's office has a very conservative fill policy: no more than 1cc at a time. I think I have about 5.5ccs in at this point and have had...five fills and one unfill, I think. My surgeon did put about .5ccs in to begin with. My first fills were two weeks apart, which is the minimum amount of time that must pass before my office will let me have a fill. Now, I'm just going as I think I need them.

  3. I had no idea fills were so often..but I suppose they have to get the right amount for you.

    Yes, I love my Canon Rebel, I am always taking pictures now. We will get along great!

  4. I think the fill thing is different everywhere with different doctors. Mine is the conservative type (which in hindsight is actually a good thing.) I got 2 mls (cc's) a month after my band was in, then was going back every three weeks - where I would get 1 ml in - or sometimes less. Now after about 6 fills I am down to just a squirt (might only be .3 of a ml or .5) It amazes me how such a teeny tiny amount can make such a big difference.

  5. couch to 5k is the number one thing I recommend to people when they ask me how to start running. Its a great program!

  6. I LOVE the couch to 5K, I was NOT a runner and I used this program and can now run 3 miles, and actually enjoy it.

  7. I was told absolutely NO aspirin or ibuprofen during the healing period (6 weeks post), just Tylenol. Something to do with them thinning the blood and leading to blood clots if you're not careful. I don't know what your doctor might have told you, but you might want to check on that unless they said it was OK. Be safe.

    I read on another blog about making crustless "pizza" which I liked, ricotta cheese, some spaghetti sauce and a few shreds of light mozzarella thrown in and then heated for a minute in the microwave. I'm an Italian girl, so of course I loved this.

    I also love hummus, although I know the protein count isn't as high as other things. At Trader Joe's (don't know if you have one where you are, they're like a fair-priced place for organic foods) they have about 2 dozen different kinds of hummus, so it's yum.

    And I got a Wii Fit last week for my daughter (and myself, of course) when it was raining in California and man, that thing can pack a nice little punch in a half hour. Low impact and a good warm up, if you're starting cold.


  8. My Surgeon wouldn't even consider my First Fill until 6 weeks out from Surgery. Then I had to wait for another Month for my 2nd Fill & now 3 weeks for my 3rd Fill next Month. He is also conservative in how much he will allow at a time! The most he will give is 1 cc. But from now on, it will be .5 or less!!

  9. Ok, I wont take anymore liquigels...I should have known it was bad! We do have a Trader Joes actually, I haven't been there yet..
    I will look into the Couch to 5k as soon as I can start running again :))**
    Thanks for all the great info on fills as well!