Friday, January 15, 2010

Going in the right direction..


So I am almost to my surgery date...and of course this is consuming my mind, everything I think and do. I have decided to make a lifestyle/behavior change...I admit, at times my tummy is rumbling, and a quick flash of a bagel runs thru my mind, but I go for the sugar free jello. I also may be having these visions because I am day 6 into my liquid diet...*raises eyebrow* but for the most part, I am doing ok. I have decided to hibernate at home...this works best for me, this way I am not tempted by stopping and grabbing a "quick fix". This hasn't been a bad thing either, I feel like I need some time to really adapt to my new life, time to absorb it, and I feel that pretty soon it will just be how it is..I won't have that constant inner struggle with my old habits, french toast- extra syrup for breakfast, and extremely unhealthy snacking. I have started journaling my meals, counting calories. I have never done this before. Also I have really started being active, I didn't join a gym, I've been doing things at home. I've become a yoga addict, and even though I'm not a tiny girl, I'm not half bad at it...and I truly believe that as the weight comes off, it will get even easier for me to hold those poses steady.

I am seeing steady results in my numbers...which I think is good and bad. I am a very habitual, addictive person. I have started weighing myself each day...and I have never in my life until now even owned a scale, and of course being on a liquid diet, you're gonna lose! I worry that 2 weeks from now it won't be like this, right now almost seems easy. I am just worrying too much! I know this. Maybe it's just pre-surgery jitters.
My Dr. prescribed me something to calm my nerves before surgery. I am not normally an anxious type person...but we'll see. He said that a few tears in the pre-op room is not unusual. Watch me be sobbing. :/ And I know this is terrible, but they told me to not have makeup on the morning of. Seriously? I am way too vain for that. Even after my children were born, I was sitting up in bed, makeup scattered all around me. The nurses teased me. C'mon know I'm not the only one!


  1. No, you're not the only one!! lol Us woman - whether we admit it or not always have a touch of vanity going on!

    I get the pre-surgery jitters also. We all had that! Just know that you are prepared and this is one of the best decisions you will ever make. Get over this hump and the rest will follow naturally. xx

  2. go into your surgery with your hopeful attitude and a little mascara and you'll be surprised how easy your recover will be easy breezy....I had pre-op hypnosis for my bypass. I had the nurses sitting on my bed in pre-op wondering why I was so cheerful and floaty. It was a party. Make your life a party! :-)

  3. You're going to be just fine, just roll with the surgery thing and use the down-time to plan all the goals you're going to meet in 2010 and all the fun things you're going to do. I'm painting again, too! Fun to get back into it and I find I lose myself in the art and forget about wanting to snack. I'm cheering for you!!!