Sunday, February 7, 2010

Upping calories..?

I have read on a few posts lately how they are having trouble with the scale moving so they up the caloric intake..and it works. Then I read on another blog that her Dr. said it was okay to skip breakfast and and eat only 1 meal daily. I think I am making myself and others mental around me by my obsessive asking about calories and reading labels. I really don't think I am getting enough calories...but then again I have this warped mind set that eating less is better! I am officialy in Bandster Hell.

I jogged/walked againg today even though it was my rest day of C25K, I forgot how good running makes me feel. I am almost scared to see what week 2 is like.

Well..I guess thats about it for today, not much else going on. Boring Sunday..
Happy Super Bowl Day!


  1. Hi Athena...just found your blog. I was banded a month before you. I find that I am just eating when I am hungry and choosing nutritious foods. I am not obsessing about calories either. I am using up my Optifast shakes for breakfast when I feel a little tight. Better than nothing. When is your first fill???

  2. I think it's awesome that you are taking full advantage of your band and working out with it as well. My mom got the band about 2 1/2 years ago and lost close to 80 pounds, but she is still not "healthy" in her eating or exercising...I find this kind of sad :(. I'm happy for her, but I just wish she really would have taken this opportunity to change her mindset on healthy living as well, ya know?

    Good for you on doing the C25k. I'm almost done, I'll be on week 9 next week, although I sometimes don't run 3x a week, so it's taken me a while longer. It feels so good to say that I can run for 28 straight minutes :).

    You are so pretty!

    (Sorry for the random assortment of thoughts!!)

  3. I always had that thought too - less calories HAS to be better - but I honestly believe now since going through that horrible five weeks plateau that sitting on or making myself EAT up to 1200 calories a day made the scale move again. Nothing else had worked till then :)

  4. Thanks ladies, I will just keep truckin along!

  5. This is just my personal opinion, but I'm a big believer in listening to your body. If you're not hungry for breakfast, and you know it's not going to cause you to crash later on, then only eat when you are hungry. Also, I've had to increase calories to lose weight often, because my body goes into famine mode, and holds onto everything. Once I convince it that we're not actually starving, I can start cutting back and losing again. Works for me, anyway. :)

  6. Could you be any cuter?? I love your style and all the pictures I've seen of you so far are knockout!

    I just realised you were 'following' me and clicked to see who you were.

    When were you banded?