Thursday, February 25, 2010

Some of my faves in the cupboard.

I thought I would post about some of the things that I like to have in the house. I know that I am on solids now but, i have made the decision to not eat pasta or starches hardly ever. I haven't had any pasta since before banding, and I have not had starches at all, just one night we made some sweet potato fries here at home. I have been eating a lot of veggies, and I actually still eat a lot of the things that were on my mushies diet. I find I like a lot of it, and it seems to be working for me.

I almost forgot..I lost 2 lbs this morning!! So I surpassed the 35 mark. I was so happy.. ::does happy dance::

These are sandwich thins that I want to make pizzas with..

These are the makings for it..I forgot to put the reduced fat mozzarella in the shot.

I keep this around to dip my fresh veggies in, I also love roasted veggies.

Picked this up the other day, and I think we are going to use it with carrots to make some kind of carrot muffins, I loveeee carrot cake!

I know it's a slider food, but I am a big fan of Amy's low fat organic soups, big in my diet.

These only have 110 calories, these are bagel thins, I haven't had one yet, I am going to keep them around for when I absolutely want those carbs!

I eat a lot of seafood, and salmon is my favorite. I had this the other morning made with eggs and seasonings for an egg bake =yum..

Haven't tried this yet, but looked good!


  1. Excellent choices-I wish I could stay away from the pasta :-(

    I tried the Kozy Shack rice pudding and it was pretty good, considering I don't really like creamy things. It was a nice treat when I was just on pureed. I also had a low fat muffin yesterday and it was so good.

    Congrats on the terrific weight loss. Makes you feel good, doesn't it!

  2. 35lbs! You are doing soooo well. Jealous, moi?!
    That tapioca looks good - I love all those milk puddings, they are a big comfort food over here in the UK: rice pudding, tapicoa, semolina. My hubby loves to make them for winter dessert and, since he uses skimmed milk and not much sugar, then I guess they're actually not that bad (or am I kidding myself?!)

  3. nice food pics Athena!!...btw congrats on the 36 lbs. i better start exercising or you're gonna surpass me...YIKES!! :)

  4. You're doing all the right things, Athena, and it's showing up on the scale. Congratulations, and thanks for posting what you're eating.

  5. Thanks girl!! These things sound like great ideas for my next grocery shopping trip! Hope your doing good!!

  6. congrats on the 36lbs! I cant wait to start something other then clears. Its only day 3 for me and its hell :(

  7. Thanks for sharing that!! You need to come over to REAL FAT tomorrow for "Faves and Finds" and link this post up!


  8. Congrats on the loss and I love seeing the different foods you guys have