Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Early fill begging = no luck :(

I tried..I sent the email that Vanessa sent to her Dr. with my fingers crossed..! This was his reply..

Never fill before 6 weeks. Hungry is normal. Everyone feels it. When you see Dad (his father is filling in for him this week) he'll start you on solids and then we'll see what happens. No guzzling-its dangerous. If you remember I told you at your barium swallow that most folks don't lose on liquids or puree and that this is a slow steady process. Stay loose. You'll be great.

*pouty face*

Oh well. I shall wait. My first fill is scheduled for Thursday March 4th.

Sooo, I am convinced that the wine I had over the weekend has sabotaged me. I avoided the scale for 3 days, and when I stepped on today I had a .2 gain. So obviously today I am very cranky. *giggles* Nah, not really, but I am so with Kristin on her challenge for herself, I would love to lose 12-15 lb by the end of March. No jogging today because it is snowing..again. Yesterday I finished C25K week one, I did it for an extra 2 days tho, and I feel ready enough to move on. Yesterdays run actually went really easy.

So I couldn't help but notice that there is a rise in shows about "fat girls"..I mean, do people really want to watch reality shows about this..? Well, I do, because that is me, and I feel I relate to an extent..but I just don't see why a majority of people would want to watch these shows. Carnie Wilson has one, Ruby, and now Kirstie Alley.. Do skinny people watch just to make themselves feel better..? I just don't get it.


  1. First, Love the pouty face. I know the feeling.
    Second, hang in there...you are doing great. It's the worst part...the waiting for restriction. The good news is, March 2nd is only 14 days away. Try to eat things that help you stay full longer. (Protein drinks do this for me.)
    Way to go on doing C25K 2 extra days. I need to give that a try. Do you like it?

  2. I really like it a lot, when I first started it, I didn't like it so much..but it has gotten easier over time.

    Thanks for reminding me about the protein drinks, I really do like those.

  3. I tend to start out watching shows like those because I feel like I'll be able to relate, but really, I never do, and they only end up vividly highlighting the things that embarrass me about being fat. See...in my head, I'm a skinny girl. You know how anorexic girls look in the mirror and all they see is fat? Well I'm the opposite of that. It's only very rarely that I can actually SEE how fat I really am. I must say, since the surgery, I've been able to see the real me more and more, and I don't really care for it! And so, I'm impatient for the scale to move. I don't see myself in those fatties though. I'm just my own me.

    Congrats on your exercise!

  4. Hi Athena, we'll work this thing together. I'm actually just finishing some low-fat turkey chili I got at the health food store and I have all kinds of plans for raw vegetables, which really filled me up the other day when I had the snackies.

    I didn't realize you're not yet on solids! NO WONDER you're having a hard time -- you're never getting filled up and everything you eat(drink) is a slider food. That's brutal!

    In that case, reallllly take it easy on yourself. It's not your fault. This is a terrible but very temporary situation and soon you will be sliding back down the scale.

    I'm uber-impressed with the C25K. I won't be starting that anytime soon but I'm so glad to hear you're doing well and starting to enjoy it.

  5. Love the pouty face!

    Don't feel too bad about not getting a fill earlier than the 6 week mark. I went in at 3 weeks because I just couldn't stand it and the doctor (bless his heart) tried super hard to find my port and give me a fill, against his better judgment. But it just didn't work. I was still so sore on the inside (even with the numbing medication) and all the pushing and prodding to find it just left me bruised, more hungry, and without my precious fill.

    So I ended up having to wait until week 5. I think week 6 is a little drastic but the doctors really do know what is best for you and for your body.

    Hang in there!!

  6. Sorry to hear about the no fill for you... The docotors are so different I find especially when you read everyones comments.. Guess your doctor is just really cautious nothing wrong with that..

  7. If you are still on pureed it must be so hard since you had your surgery 2 weeks before me. After a week on just liquids I am soooo looking forward to pureed foods. I get mushies week 3 and week 4 regular. I tried not drinking any water with my oatbran this morning and I didn't feel hungry for quite a while. Maybe a bit was still sitting in my pouch. I hope it gets better for you. It really is hard when we expect the band to work right out of the gate.

  8. Being in the research phase myself I can see why they have named it hell. lol. Good luck, it looks like you're doing great so far!

  9. You still are doing really well. March 4 is not that far away. I'm in pre-op hell, but I'm going to commit to 10 pounds lost by the time I start my liquid phase in mid march. We got this.

  10. I had to wait 6 weeks for a fill and I think it probably takes that long to heal. Take it easy and plan some really great mushies to keep you satisfied. I loved pumpkin, zucchini and broccoli masked with some ricotta and cheese and then I added a small can of tuna or salmon. I loved it. Hang in there

  11. So, you got your band one day before, you get your fill one day before me, and you've lost 10lbs more than me. Humph!

    30lbs down is sooooo fantastic - well done you!

    I'm with the others in not being surprised that you're hungry if still on the purees. I should have been on the purees until today but moved onto mushies about ten days ago - purees were getting soooo boring. Mushies are bliss in comparison. If I get hungry in between 'meals' I have a 2-4 teaspoons of (low fat) hummus or guacamole - usually takes the edge of and make me feel good about getting some extra protein/veggies.

  12. Love your blog!!following now..

    Keelie@REAL FAT

  13. Being fat apparently is the newest "trend".

    Dont stress too much about your fill, you are doing wonderfully! My doc told me today they wont fill either until you've been on solids for two weeks.

    I wish it would stop snowing too. We have like 10 foot piles of snow everywhere. lol.

  14. I keep forgetting about hummus, yum!

    Yeah, I can wait it out..it's only two weeks, it'll be here quickly I hope!