Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday randomness.

I hope everyone had a good Valentines day! After holding back from wine for so long, I had some on Friday evening, it was so nice, I really enjoyed it. With dinner that night I had sashimi and edamame. But, I have refrained from weighing in since then.. I think my time of the month is right around the corner and I just feel so bloated and icky. I can't get on that scale. I am so acutely aware of my body now, little aches here or there.

We had a friend over last evening for dinner, which was scrumptious chili stuffed with fresh veggies, lots of which were shredded in the Cuisinart so I could have them no problem. When she saw me she was like, wow you look great! I haven't seen her since November. It was nice. Even tho I do see changes in my body, I look at it every day, and I work so hard at everything, what I'm eating and drinking and exercising...and some days I feel like I don't quite see the results I feel I should. I know that sounds horrible but its true! So it is a nice reminder when people notice.

Tomorrow will be my 4 week surgery anniversary..and I have my eyes on a fill. I have an appointment on Friday and I think I am going to use Vanessa's idea and shoot my Dr. an email.

I took a day off from working out yesterday. I have to get back to it today tho, cramps or not...! Have a great day all :)


  1. It's great when someone else sees the changes in us isn't it? Oh, and I LOVE the new pic - you are so pretty!!

  2. New picture does look really good. Keep it up!!

  3. Yes I love it when someone notices...I felt the same as you but the last 2 kg (4.5lbs) I thought I was doing ok and could see a will too

  4. It is VERY reinforcing when someone notices. I'm currently on vacation at my brothers right now and he and his wife haven't seen me since shortly after being banded and the first thing they said was "Oh my gosh, you've lost so much weight!"

    That always makes us fee good and like we've accomplished something. Keep it up girl, you look amazing!