Friday, February 5, 2010

Ticker tales.

So, I have been doing so good this week, doing the elliptical every day for at least 20 minutes, but each time I step it up..25 minutes and then 30 minutes. Which is a huge thing for me, I have not done that machine for 30 minutes in almost 7 years. I was still frustrated tho, with my recent stop in losing, so yesterday I was browsing online about C25K, I think subconsciously I kept putting off reading about it, until then. I found a free download of the podcasts which was great because the first one I looked at wanted, no. So I went right then and did my first session. Holy Crap. 3/4 of the way thru the guy was like, "you're doing great! you should be feeling the run but not be out of breath" are you kidding? Lets just say I was out of breath. A lot of breath! haha. The little jaunt outside that I follow is a lot of uphills and downhills, it was nuts. I came right home and gave myself mega treatments, a hair mask, a face mask, and long hot soak. I really enjoyed it overall, and I'm so glad I was recommended it by so many of my blogger buddies, I had never heard of it.

It must have paid off because the scale did go down today. Woot. Only 1 lb but still.

I also have a grumbly complaint about my Wii fit scale. This whole time I've been weighing in with the setting for clothing being "light". Then if I weighed in on a different Wii game there was always a fluctuation (up) of 2 or so lbs. At my Dr.s appt this week, I had just weighed before I went, his scale was up. So I changed the the setting on my Wii, and they all match now. The downside in this is that I was 2-3 lbs heavier than I had thought the whole time! weight loss for this week has been about 2.7 lbs. and I have just now reached the 25 lb weight loss that my ticker reports. See how we obsess over these things...? Well, i do anyway. So, any future weight loss, I can finally move my ticker. Because I don't know about you all, but I ❤❤❤ moving my ticker!

On another note...I know sometimes we all have "irregularity" ahem. So, I have found something that works great for me.

Yogi Tea
Get Regular
I'm tellin ya, it works! I drink it every other day in the mornings.

I read a blog yesterday that where she hadn't lost weight in awhile and she was going to do liquids for 3 days. This may not be such a bad idea, we would just have to make sure to get in all of our daily supplements.

Thank you all so much for your advice on my last post. It seems that everyone has their own strategies, and as I get my first fill I will just have to really listen to my body and see what works for me. I will so be scanning all this again when that time comes!


  1. OH I will have to try that Tea!! How fast does it work? can I take it at night or just mornings??

  2. well, I prefer to drink it in the morning so it has all day to work. The first time I had a cup in the evening and my tummy hurt thru the night :( but I suppose everyone may be a little different.

  3. Remember "Sleepytime Tea"? Well around my house, we call your tea "Sh*ttytime Tea". It works! lol!

  4. Why do doctor's office scales always add 2-3 pounds? It's a conspiracy. You're doing great!

  5. Sh*ttytime tea...omg. lol!

    thank you btw!

  6. Congrats on your weight loss 2.7 pounds is GREAT.. And thanks for the tip on that tea.. cause my fiber tabs just ain't doing it.

  7. Oh, note about the Wii Fit weighings. Is it resting on carpet or tile? If it's on carpet, remember to add the booster cushions that they added and keep in mind that weighing when on a softer surface is going to give you an unbalanced weight depending on how still you can stand. Just keep the settings the same no matter what (like if you're factoring in lightweight clothing) but up it to the heavy version if you're wearing shoes. I always do mine barefoot since shoes can add up to 2 pounds to your weight.