Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Called the Dr. today..

When I was about a week post op or so, I was doing some very light yoga, and I think during that, one of my staples might have moved or loosened a little. When I had them taken out a week or so after the that the Dr. didn't notice anything unusual about it. It is at my port incision. I thought it looked a little protruded out in one spot, but since he didn't say anything, I kind of forgot about it.

Well, today after my shower I was putting Vitamin E oil on and it is oozing, and it does not look pretty. It doesn't hurt at all. But now I'm wicked nervous. I'm thinking, ok, what are they going to do for this..? When I told her on the phone it was oozing she said I should come in tomorrow. I was going on Friday anyways to be put on I'm just heading in a day early.

Has this ever happened to anyone out there..? If so, how did they treat it?

On another note, I was down .7 this morning..yeah :) I feel like I have finally redeemed myself after enjoying wine this weekend. It snowed quite a bit here yesterday, so I have been unable to jog, instead I took my 10 lb weights and jogged up and down the stairs. I could only do it 4 times, but it was a workout!

I hope everyone is having a good night... :)


  1. Glad you're going in to get that incision checked. I always find that LOTS of water a day or two after some wine seems to reverse any damage the wine might have caused. Good luck at the doctor!

  2. Don't worry too much. Try not to put any oil on it and just wash gently with soap and water in the shower. There are sutures under the skin and then they just close the skin with the staples. You won't pop open. They will probably just put on some steri strips to close it. It's good that it isn't red. My port site is closed with a long suture which will dissolve in a few weeks. Get thee to the doctor and they will have a look.

  3. I had a bit of a bright yellow discharge for a few days... I did not have a fever and had blood work which showed no infection.. So I was just told to keep an eye on it.. I would follow what Sandy Lee says. Hope it goes well tomorrow..

  4. The only thing that comes remotely close to what you're describing is like what was mentioned above... internal sutures. I'm glad you're getting them checked. I had a bad experience with the ones from my C-section and not getting them checked right away (due to me assuming the pain was mainly from the childbirth and not something else past that). It's always best to get checked if you're worried at all because the stress of not knowing will just make things worse.

  5. Sorry about the incision problems! Hopefully it will be easy to fix. And good job on the weight loss!

  6. I had a gape in one of my woulds...not the port site and just covered it with steri strips...unfortunately I had a reaction to the strips and now I have an awful 30 cm scar. It will be fine...good luck tomorrow