Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Is there a science to the band?

Is there a secret to how to get the most out of your band..? Such as drinking a certain amount of liquids at certain times...? I have been reading so many blogs these last couple days, and it seems a few of us are in scale slumpville. I was reading Band-Babes blog and she was talking about how she had drank so much water, and it made the band loose, and then she was going to add calories the next day and time her fill more carefully... I am just confused. This may all be because my scale just really hasn't moved the way it was. It was so much easier when there was a daily weight loss, even if it was .2! I am not gaining, but not losing. Just very frustrating. I don't feel like I am eating that much more than when I was on the liquid diet.. Probably the one thing that I did badly was have a little treat of SUGAR free pudding right before bed. I think of all these things the next day, like, yep- I shouldn't have had that pudding last night, or..maybe I had too much of this, or that.
Just have to keep going, every day is a new day.

For todays exercise challenge, 25 minutes on elliptical, and 45 minutes on Wii Biggest Loser.

my menu so far today..
breakfast: protein shake
lunch: tofu and sugar free fudgcicle
dinner: I think fat free Broccoli Cheese Soup.
and I made sugar free jello for a treat.

I eat many of the same things..I know this.

So excited for Shear Genius tonight! Have a good night all :)


  1. Hmm...not sure what you mean about band science and WL (other than being hydrated helps the WL), but I do follow what they say for fills...schedule fills in the afternoon when you're looser, don't eat within 2 hours of when you go, drink plenty of water the day before and that day. Hang in there...Bandster Hell will end!

  2. I just posted a few things/foods that has help with my weight loss. The band should come with a manual :)

  3. It will get better. I was in the same place you are now, but I promise it does get better. I am also excited about Shear Genius tonight! :)

  4. Do you have any food allergies or dislikes (I know I read you don't like shellfish)? It seems like you could stand to get some extra protein into your diet based on what you listed.

    HOWEVER, every single person on the planet is different. What works for one wouldn't for another and so forth. I'm a creature of habit who will continue to eat the same thing day after day without an issue, but I've been trying my best to switch things up a little bit (even if my lunches the last 3 days have been identical, lol).

    You're about a week behind me in banding (my banding was on January 12th) and I know that I slowed down to a stop last week. I'm only slightly moving more now.

    And speaking of moving, are you *ahem* pooping? Try to get in some fiber to shake some excess loose, maybe? Part of my calcium intake comes from Citrical, a fiber chew which has 600mg of calcium in it and the extra fiber there is helping me to do the doodie dance.

    And no matter what, you're beautiful. You are a person, don't reduce that beauty to science, mmm'kay? ;)

  5. Maybe I do need to step up my protein. I have been meaning to get Citrical..this is truly bandster hell! I will figure this out, darnit :)
    Thanks for the advice ladies..

  6. I PEED out alot of water, which made the band loose! When I lose my period water, it makes the band loose. Plus with hormone hunger, watch out. Sorry for the confusion. And, everyone shares their band techniques, but you'll have to figure out what works for your body. Everyone does it differently, for sure!

  7. Oh, and I'm thinking if I get my fill right after my period, I won't be holding onto water weight, so my fill might be tighter because there won't be any swelling that will go down right after the fill. It's just band science according to my little brain. Only theories, only theories...

  8. Honey: I am with you. I meant to post about bandster hell today but got sidetracked by the 'meanie' post.
    Anyhow: to catch you up in extremely brief fashion-- I got into a little tussle when I gave some advice to another bandster early on after my own banding. Then I CLOSED my blog b/c I was such a freaky mess. Everyone was very kind and supportive of my ridiculous drama and I came back after a day or so.

    Never again-- I am too much of a blog freak to give up on all of my new friends, and I am lots of things: good, bad and indifferent. But I am HONEST. And that's the way it is!!!

    Anyhow: back to 'hell.' Do you have the book by Khailah (spelling, no idea) Ali? It is written with my surgeon (Dr. Christine Ren) and her husband and partner, Dr. George Fielding. They acknowledge 'bandster hell' without calling it that.
    Your trajectory of hunger-- just like mine, seems to be completely NORMAL.

    About 4 weeks post banding, the swelling wears off and the hunger returns. They also say that if you gain a little weight back during this time, it is OK and normal. I am going on that today since my scale was UP 3 pounds. *Cries*
    Whatever: it is the journey, not the destination right? And we'll get there.
    OK, I've written a book, but I'm wanted to give you a little insight into my last post.

    Keep on rockin' the band... we'll get there!!!

  9. Thank you ladies..I really appreciate everyones outlook, and yes Vanessa, my surgeon gave me her book and I LOVED it. It related to my life so much (other than my dad not being famous) lol, it had a huge impact on me. I read it months before I made the decision to be banded. yes I will keep rockin this band and be hawttt this summer. woot.