Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Traveling = not good for the routine.

I just got back yesterday from a little weekend trip, it was my first time flying since having the band. I don't know...it wasn't so good :( I had my first fill 4 days before I left, but I realized fairly quickly that I didn't really have that restriction I expected...and as hard as I tried to stick to my routine, it was hard. I noticed that I was able to eat just fine. I think that the first couple of days I felt fine bc I was just doing liquids and mushies, but it went downhill..I won't tell you all what I had..but lets just say it included several glasses of wine, and maybe even a piece of cheesecake! So I called my Dr. on Friday last week just to let him know that I needed another fill, they said that was fine to call on Monday. So I was barely off the plane yesterday and in my docs office..and to my dismay I had gained almost 5 lb from Thursday morning. I was horrified!

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Soooo. um yeah.
Needless to say I was so bummed.

But, I did get another fill yesterday and I'm home and back to my regular life.
And..I got on the scale today...and I know this is crazy but I lost 5 pounds. Is that crazy or what. So I'm wondering if flying just caused me to be crazy bloated or something.. Very strange, but hey, I'm not askin questions.

Meanwhile over the weekend I did start week 2 of C25K and did 2 days in a row, it was not bad at all..in fact I thought it was easier than week 1. Woot.

Well I just wanted to stop in, I have so much to do..unpacking and laundry..but I hope to catch up on blogs later!


  1. Flying can make you CRAZY bloated, so I'm not surprised to hear you gained and lost five pounds in ten minutes. My sister-in-law once gained 17 pounds on a flight from CA to the east coast when she was pregnant. Her ob almost had a heart attack thinking she had preeclampsia. It was gone two days later.

    Good for you for getting the fill and getting back on track. I leave Friday and can't get another fill till the 31st. Soooo not happy about that wait.

    Keep up the good work on C25K!

  2. Are you doing C25K???? I am getting ready to start that! You will lose that 5 easy!

  3. So flying definitely adds the bloat. A lot of it. I can easily go up 8 pounds of water retention after a 5 hour flight...drinking a ton of water doesn't really even help all that much. I always hate traveling for that very reason. By the time the bloat is gone it is usually time to turn around and get back on the plane to come back only to go through it all again. I have a 15 hour flight to Australia on Friday and I am dreading the way my clothes will fit for the first 48 hours on the ground!

  4. Thats so weird! Glad your doc got you in right away-hopefully it will help to have the added restriction.

  5. That's awesome your doc got you that quick! And weirdness about the weight gain/loss. I'm glad it's gone, though! Sounds like you enjoyed your weekend! Who can complain about that?

  6. Flying can definitely cause a weight fluctuation, water retention, cabin pressure (that is why ankles and fingers usually swell)...but also your first fill usually doesn't give you much restriction and it can take a week or 2 before teh restriction actually kicks in...we are all different, but you will soon work out how your band and fills work...keep up the great work!