Thursday, March 18, 2010

Reality check!

I was looking thru old pics and came across these of me at Halloween last year. These pictures are hard for me to look at...I was so unhappy with myself I'm surprised I even went to the party. I actually took runner up as best costume, I was so shocked! It was pretty cute, but it was so tight on me, I had bought it a couple years earlier and it fit much better then.



You can so see it in my face how big I was.
I am just so happy I have my band!!

I am doing week 3 of C25K, and it has really helped me to step up my weight loss. If you are new to running and need some guidance, it is awesome. In week 3 you run in 3 minute intervals, and 6 months ago if someone asked me to run for 3 minutes I would have fell off my chair. I was noticing that when I run it helps to keep my body in certain forms and I keep reminding myself to stay loose. I try to keep my arms low and my hands and fingers open and loose, not clenched..sometimes when I get tired I notice that I'm hunching over and my hands are in fists, so I have to correct it, and it does help.

I was at Old Navy yesterday and I found a really cute swimsuit, they have a really nice selection. It is flattering for my figure because I am smaller on top but really round at the bottom..oy. But the sides are ruched..? is that the right word? and it works!

I wanted to try something new for protein, so I have been using Trader Joes vanilla flavored powder, it's not bad if you only use 1 scoop. The serving size is 2 scoops for 16g of protein, but 2 scoops is so sweet. I can't take it. So I don't think I will buy that one again. I think I will just keep trying different ones.


  1. The one thing those old pics do (BTW, you look so cute in that costume!) is help us see how far we've come and keep us from slacking back to where we were.

    Congrats on the 40lbs. Your pics are great and you can really see a BIG difference!!!

    LOL, sometimes I love these word verifications...mine was phill...I named my port Phil!

  2. You look wonderful and the C25k is a great way to get into running. I did it a few years ago and will be doing it again when I "am on the other side".

    I agree with BG as the pictures sometimes tell a better story than the # on the scale. Seeing is believing and it doesn't let us forget where we were once.

    6 more days!

  3. I am glad to see you comment about the c25k. I had my husband download the program for me but I have been scared to actually try it. Thanks to you, I will now! You do look darling in your costume though.

  4. OMG! You look AMAZING in your 40 lbs down picture!!!!!! So happy for you. Keep it up!


  5. You will be happy you have those before pics - we need to remember what it was like! (But you did look pretty cute!)

    The c25k is awesome. That is how I got into running like 7 years ago and it changed my life (even if I never lost the weight permanently). There's just something about being able to run. Our bodies were meant to do it! Good for you doing it!!!!!!!

  6. I have some shocking pics of me from before I was first banded - but now I look back and go .. wow.. was I really that big. This is what it will be like for you - only difference? Is you actually looked amazing then too! Such a gorgeous smile!

  7. I don't know how you could be so hard on yourself. I look at these pictures and honestly see this gorgeous smile & sparkling eyes. Granted, the happiness in your newer "after" pictures reflects this even more, but girl... you have such sass and personality and joy in you, it just makes you glow.

  8. I love that costume, Athena! But I can understand how upsetting it is to look at them. I have a few I still can't look at. Ugh.

    CONGRATS on doing so well with the C25K, and keep up the good work. Running is a great way to burn those calories.