Tuesday, March 16, 2010


As much as I try not to snack all, sometimes it just can't be avoided. It usually happens standing around the kitchen, dinner is on, and meanwhile I'm stahvin. To me I just can't wait, so I pull out the baby carrots and hummus...have a some of that. Well then by the time I eat dinner I'm not that hungry, and I eat half of my plate. I eat dinner on the small salad plates so my portions are not very big anyways. But I think..is this good or bad because I am not getting all my protein in because I filled on veggies, and now I am going to be hungry in 2,8 hours..okay, I am overthinking things.

Or another mistake I make is waiting too long to eat when I am hungry, and I eat wayyy too much. This happened to me last week during lunch, my bites were to big and I did not wait long enough in between bites, and for the first time I had that stuck feeling. Really really uncomfortable. So these are just some of the issues I am struggling with being banded. Now that I am eating solids for every meal, I have to learn that I really have to take my time with bites.

I am watching Biggest Loser now though, so gotta go!


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I gave you an award. See my blog...

  2. I'm still learning to not wait so long before I'm totally starving. I try to eat when only hungry but it turns to starving really quickly sometimes. You're doing great!

  3. Even though you are still learning your way with the band....you are doing great!

  4. good observations! I think this is also a journey of self-discovery, so it is great to see you delving into yourself. When you take a good look at yourself (me too!) you come up with new solutions all the time.
    Keep going!

  5. I think its really hard to re-train how we eat. Are there any proteins that you could snack on instead? Maybe a slice of turkey or something?

  6. Yeah, I would recommend what Jenny said. Even a piece of string cheese would have some protein. And a little fat to satisfy you.

    This is ssooooooooooome journey. I am learning more and more every day!

    BTW, loved your pics the other day, just didn't have a chance to comment. :) You are stunning!