Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cold and rainy today..

But I went running anyway..woot!

Over the weekend I planted the whole garden, so looking forward to growing butternut squash (that is one of my faves) thanks to the rain I didn't have to water today..but the rest of the week is going to be really warm.. I'm kind of nervous about becoming a gardener because traditionally I have nothing that even relates to a green thumb, it's not even a yellowish blue thumb. Sooo, hopefully I can stay on top of the weeding all the time. :/

As for restriction I'm feeling really good since my last fill. I've kind of been changing things up a little bit to see how it works, and for awhile I was have a protein shake for my breakfast/after workout meal, then oatmeal at lunch, but I was feeling hungry before it was lunch time. So I started having egg beaters for breakfast instead..keeps me fuller longer, in fact yesterday lunch slipped my mind..which never used to happen.

Biggest Loser was awesome last night, I was so proud that they finished the marathon. But oh man, what did he do..??

Well, I am going to sit in a hot tub cuz I'm freezing, so have a great day all!


  1. 60 pounds? OMG! You are amazing, need progress pics stat!

  2. Weeding is one of the ultimate exercises. It wears me out every time!

  3. Your ass and thighs will be like steel from all the weeding this summer. Gardening is so satisfying, I love eating what I've grown. Great job on running in miserable weather - that's dedication!

  4. Your garden sounds great and it does feel great doing matter what!!!