Thursday, June 10, 2010

Feeling a little guity..

Even though I am not on my blog as frequently as I used to be it means so much to me. I like having my's my first one and it is very special. All the comments I received about my post yesterday really brightened my day...but I admit, a part of me feels guilty sometimes because I don't give my blog and my blog friends quite the same attention that I used to. Am I the only one that feels bad? I am going to try to do better!!
You know, I can't help but wonder if it's because I'm spending less time at home and more time out doing things that I was too ashamed or uncomfortable to do before because of how heavy I was. It is true that now I am always doing things I would never want to do before, even simple things like run to the store if I need a missing item for dinner, or spending time in the garden..before I was fine just sitting on the couch. I kinda like the me now. :)
Things have been going pretty well, I had a really good weight loss month in May, so when I went to my monthly Dr. appt. the first week of June I didn't need an adjustment. Wellll, I left the appointment and proceeded to gain 4 lbs in 5 days. I emailed him Sunday morning and I got in Monday for a fill..and so far this week I'm doing awesome, 2 more lbs down this morning. He really is a great Dr. though, he explained that as you lose weight the band gets looser, and he's glad that I let him know and he said not to hesitate to call him back if I still don't notice restriction. I think it is pretty good though. I was able to eat only half of my naked turkey burger last night. That is my new fave meal by the way, naked burgers...yum!
Well, I should go.. (hugs)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Little red dress.

I love playing dress up...especially in a size Medium dress people!!
Just a quick chek in, but I hope everyone is doing well...hugsssss

Friday, May 21, 2010

☆☆☆Update picture! ☆☆☆

I know it's been forever with here it is. I am having so much fun with clothes right now. Getting dressed is so much more fun now! I heart my band.
I found a pic of me last year when I was at my "fluffiest" :) Such a difference.

This was taken last year..

and yesterday.. :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cold and rainy today..

But I went running anyway..woot!

Over the weekend I planted the whole garden, so looking forward to growing butternut squash (that is one of my faves) thanks to the rain I didn't have to water today..but the rest of the week is going to be really warm.. I'm kind of nervous about becoming a gardener because traditionally I have nothing that even relates to a green thumb, it's not even a yellowish blue thumb. Sooo, hopefully I can stay on top of the weeding all the time. :/

As for restriction I'm feeling really good since my last fill. I've kind of been changing things up a little bit to see how it works, and for awhile I was have a protein shake for my breakfast/after workout meal, then oatmeal at lunch, but I was feeling hungry before it was lunch time. So I started having egg beaters for breakfast instead..keeps me fuller longer, in fact yesterday lunch slipped my mind..which never used to happen.

Biggest Loser was awesome last night, I was so proud that they finished the marathon. But oh man, what did he do..??

Well, I am going to sit in a hot tub cuz I'm freezing, so have a great day all!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Thanks for the great comments..♥

I shot an email off to my Dr. with all of your comments in it, I think he'll enjoy reading it! You know, do you ever wonder what our Dr.s would think if they were to read over all of these blogs..? If they haven't already...but this is good stuff here!

Well I know I have been busy the last month or so, I just returned from a trip to Chicago, and I drove.....such a long drive. But I am starting to get back into the groove of things. Traveling and food do not pair well for me. My numbers are never as good as when I am home everyday. So I did have a lot of up and down on the scale but now I am thankfully inching back down.

I am finished with the C25K program, (which I highly recommend!) so now each day I do 30 minute runs, and I am slowly increasing that. Yesterday I did 35 minutes, but my new goal now is an 8K, then a 10K and maybe a half marathon. I looked around online for training for 8K, and I did find one that is intervals, not too sure I want to do that I think I may go with the One Hour Runner's a 10 week program, we shall see!

This weekend we are going to the Cape for the weekend, very excited for that..I feel like I am motivated to do so much more these days...isn't it crazy how losing weight effects us in all these ways? Before, you couldn't get me out of the house!

Have a great day all :)))***

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our surgeons Twittering..?

I had an interesting talk with my Dr. at my appointment this week. Here at home we were doing research on using Twitter and Facebook as social mediums for business (it's for an article) and I know that my surgeon recently started doing a radio ad that hits the Boston listening area, so I was curios what his thoughts were on him having a facebook fan page or Twittering. If businesses do these things correctly it can reach a generation of people that aren't listening to the radio and don't read print ads. He was very curious about it, but he said the reason he hasn't done it yet is because he didn't want potential or current patients to be put off by it, or think it is in poor taste. I guess I am unique in this because I don't think that at all. He asked me a favor and would like me to ask my fellow banders their opinion, what would you think? I don't know how many of you even Twitter, but would that upset you if your surgeon Twittered..? Kind of a random topic, I know..

Also at this appointment we were discussing my "sweet spot". I did very well on the weight loss front, but I explained to him that after my last appointment 1 month ago, I felt amazing restriction, I was doing very well, feeling pretty satisfied and still losing, but after about the 2nd week or so, the restriction started to change, and so did my appetite, so for the last week and a half or so before my appointment, I was struggling starting to see a bounce effect on the scale.
He explained that I should have called to get in for another fill at that point, especially because I noticed the change immediately, and he said the reason that happens is because I did have a good weight loss, and as you lose weight, the band does start to release a was something to do with the fat in the stomach.

So I thought that was interesting.

I have been trying to start an organic veggie garden with seedlings, but there is a particular little field mouse that is munching on some of the little sprouts, and he is particularly fond of my broccoli! The garden is all tilled and ready to go, I am just going to wait a few more days I think in case of any frosts.

Well..I hope everyone is doing wonderful and have a good day :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

.2 ounces??

I stepped on the scale this morning as usual...and I had lost I think .8 oz which is good! I was happy.. but then i went running, and I have gotten into this crazy habit of not eating anything before my run, and after I'm done I race home, strip down and hop on the scale without drinking any water ( see how obsessive i am ) and today with my second weigh in, I had lost lost .8 oz, which put me .2 oz away from exactly a 50 pound loss.....grrrrrrrrrr.

I know I am so weird!
Had to share..
and I am spreading good vibes to all!! hugsss

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Well it is the start of what is supposed to be a very nasty weekend here, possibly snow today..thats right, snow. I won't let it get me down tho, I have a "beauty day" planned, just here at home of course. I want to give myself a mani pedi, and color my hair..I did all the cleaning yesterday, so thats my treat.

I am going to get out there this morning before it gets too nasty and do my run, I am starting week 6 of C25K today and I am a little nervous about it. I have been doing 20 minute runs all week without stopping, and yesterday I pushed myself and went even further, I'm beginning to really enjoy this running thing.

This weekend I am treating as a "uber healthy fasting" weekend. I have been eating carbs only in the AM, drinking lots of water and tea, and trying to really watch what I'm eating overall. For lunch yesterday I had sugar free jello and non-fat yogurt, it works... I have lost 2 lbs since Wed. In the last month or so, I have been starting to drink wine or martinis or whatever, and I've felt like my weight loss was going soooo slow. So I'm taking a little hiatus for a bit. Untilll, well, a friend had asked me to dinner tomorrow night, so I will try to not give in to peer pressure!

I really hope everyone has a great day, I'm sorry I haven't been a very good logger lately, but I'm trying to get better!!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday ramblings..and pics!

It's another sunny day this weather, it motivates me. I was outside all day yesterday and accomplished quite a bit. I started seedlings for a veggie garden, this time I will grow this garden! I tried a couple years ago, but honestly I think my weight kept me out of the garden, and I really had no interest in it. Things are a little different now :)

My Dr. appt went well yesterday, he was very impressed that I had lost 11 lbs from my last appt about 3 1/2 weeks before that. He asked me if I was in the green zone, which is the "sweet spot" and I was like, no! He seemed a little surprised, I don't think he wanted to give me a fill, but he gave me a little one, and now I am going to see him monthly.

Then I started thinking, am I in the green? Am I satisfied all the time, I don't want to abuse the band, or misuse it in any way. But I don't think I was. Give me that fill!

I thought I would post a couple pis from my vacation, even swimsuit ones..*scary music*

Have a great day!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Back from vaca, missed my blogger friends!

I know I have been MIA, but I went on a vacation, and then I needed a few days after I got home...something about taking a vacation that is extremely exhausting..

I have completely avoided the scale since I returned, I did allow myself to eat and drink all kinds of bad I since I've been home I have just been very focused and getting back to my routine. Because I was gone so long I haven't been to the Dr. in over 3 weeks and I am way over due for a fill. So when I go on Monday I will weigh in....*scary music*

I hope everyone is doing well, I haven't had time to catch up on blogs yet, but I will this weekend.

I missed a whole lotta rain while I was away, but it is gorgeous now, and I see some grilling in the near future.

FYI...week 4 of C25K is so hard!! I normally do each session back to back when I run, to get more of a workout in...but not this week. oy. I still can't believe I ran for a full 5 minutes yesterday..and I'm getting ready to go do it again right now.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Another gorgeous day today!

I am so in love with this is so much better than the 3 straight days of rain. It makes me feel better, I seem to have more energy, and it is so nice that it stays light longer..

Yesterday we pulled the motorcycle out and gave her a bath and then little ride, it was perfect for it! I have been seeing bikes all over this week. I must say that I had been wondering what it was going to feel like on the bike this year because I am so much smaller thatn I was this time last year. I'm sure that the driver must feel a difference in the weight of the passenger! Well, I felt so good, I know it's crazy, but I did feel so different on's kind of like swimming when you ride, you almost feel weightless. It was a nice end to the day..

It's going to be 70 degrees today, I love it. I have a few things on the agenda today..I have been trying to find the perfect pink for my toes.'s things like this I worry about.

I hope everyone gets to get outside today

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Reality check!

I was looking thru old pics and came across these of me at Halloween last year. These pictures are hard for me to look at...I was so unhappy with myself I'm surprised I even went to the party. I actually took runner up as best costume, I was so shocked! It was pretty cute, but it was so tight on me, I had bought it a couple years earlier and it fit much better then.



You can so see it in my face how big I was.
I am just so happy I have my band!!

I am doing week 3 of C25K, and it has really helped me to step up my weight loss. If you are new to running and need some guidance, it is awesome. In week 3 you run in 3 minute intervals, and 6 months ago if someone asked me to run for 3 minutes I would have fell off my chair. I was noticing that when I run it helps to keep my body in certain forms and I keep reminding myself to stay loose. I try to keep my arms low and my hands and fingers open and loose, not clenched..sometimes when I get tired I notice that I'm hunching over and my hands are in fists, so I have to correct it, and it does help.

I was at Old Navy yesterday and I found a really cute swimsuit, they have a really nice selection. It is flattering for my figure because I am smaller on top but really round at the bottom..oy. But the sides are ruched..? is that the right word? and it works!

I wanted to try something new for protein, so I have been using Trader Joes vanilla flavored powder, it's not bad if you only use 1 scoop. The serving size is 2 scoops for 16g of protein, but 2 scoops is so sweet. I can't take it. So I don't think I will buy that one again. I think I will just keep trying different ones.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


As much as I try not to snack all, sometimes it just can't be avoided. It usually happens standing around the kitchen, dinner is on, and meanwhile I'm stahvin. To me I just can't wait, so I pull out the baby carrots and hummus...have a some of that. Well then by the time I eat dinner I'm not that hungry, and I eat half of my plate. I eat dinner on the small salad plates so my portions are not very big anyways. But I this good or bad because I am not getting all my protein in because I filled on veggies, and now I am going to be hungry in 2,8 hours..okay, I am overthinking things.

Or another mistake I make is waiting too long to eat when I am hungry, and I eat wayyy too much. This happened to me last week during lunch, my bites were to big and I did not wait long enough in between bites, and for the first time I had that stuck feeling. Really really uncomfortable. So these are just some of the issues I am struggling with being banded. Now that I am eating solids for every meal, I have to learn that I really have to take my time with bites.

I am watching Biggest Loser now though, so gotta go!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Picture time!

Thank you for all the great comments on my last post! My blogger friends are so supportive :)

It has been such a rainy icky day fact it has been raining for 3 days! Yesterday I went for it anyway in what I thought was a lull in the downpour to do some running...only for it to start back up again...not fun. I am so not doing that again.

My eating since my fill a week ago has been going well. I am trying to make sure to eat protein first, and wait two hours to drink liquids. The last two days thescale hasn't moved, but thats ok..I'm patient (for now).

I just wanted to post a couple of updated pictures...

40 pounds down!! holla.


Hope everyone has a great evening!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Can I get a woot woot.

I am so stoked, I am down 40 lbs as of this morning. So even though I have monster cramps and a little cranky, that put a huge smile on my face...the power of the scale..

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I just rolled out of bed so my hair looks a hot mess right now, but later I will post update pics. I hope everyone has a good Saturday!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Having a good week.

Is it possible..? Is it possible that I have found a groove here? Finally, after almost 2 weeks of boinging around I am steadily going down. I find that I have to stick to a strict routine, and if a waiver at does not work. I may think, oh yes, I'll have a couple glasses of wine later, I'll just not eat lunch, or I'll just have a few more bites. And I have to workout everyday day..pretty much. I at least need to have some form of activity, I don't feel good if I don't. I finished week 2 of C25K this week, but I have already done it again, and I think I may do it another day or two before I move on to week 3. For me that kicks my ass and really works.

Since Monday I have lost 8 lbs. Yes, 5 of that was water weight or weird flying weight, but the other 3 weren't! I think the fill I had on Monday has been awesome..and I am eating 3 meals a day...a lot of this time I have been tricking myself into thinking that the less I eat the better, meaning skipping meals. Yesterday I had oatmeal for breakfast, a quarter of lavash bread with tuna salad for lunch, and a small slice of fritatta at dinner.

Last night at 8 ish my tummy started rumbling, but I did not eat a thing, I just had some tea and forgot about it.

I am so close to my personal goal that I set for myself. My deadline is a week from Monday..and I think I can do it! That will be swimsuit time for me so I am working uber hard.

Have a great day all!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Traveling = not good for the routine.

I just got back yesterday from a little weekend trip, it was my first time flying since having the band. I don't wasn't so good :( I had my first fill 4 days before I left, but I realized fairly quickly that I didn't really have that restriction I expected...and as hard as I tried to stick to my routine, it was hard. I noticed that I was able to eat just fine. I think that the first couple of days I felt fine bc I was just doing liquids and mushies, but it went downhill..I won't tell you all what I had..but lets just say it included several glasses of wine, and maybe even a piece of cheesecake! So I called my Dr. on Friday last week just to let him know that I needed another fill, they said that was fine to call on Monday. So I was barely off the plane yesterday and in my docs office..and to my dismay I had gained almost 5 lb from Thursday morning. I was horrified!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Soooo. um yeah.
Needless to say I was so bummed.

But, I did get another fill yesterday and I'm home and back to my regular life.
And..I got on the scale today...and I know this is crazy but I lost 5 pounds. Is that crazy or what. So I'm wondering if flying just caused me to be crazy bloated or something.. Very strange, but hey, I'm not askin questions.

Meanwhile over the weekend I did start week 2 of C25K and did 2 days in a row, it was not bad at fact I thought it was easier than week 1. Woot.

Well I just wanted to stop in, I have so much to do..unpacking and laundry..but I hope to catch up on blogs later!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I love my fill :)

My fill went well, it was just a tiny poke, for those newbies that haven't had it done yet, it really was a piece of cake. All my worries for nothing! My Dr. was very happy with the progress I've made, and he asked me if I was in the green..which is basically the sweet spot, and I was like "No!". I have noticed a difference for sure when I eat. He said to call if I think I need an adjustment, maybe tighter or looser, I honestly could have it tighter, but I am going out of town tomorrow, so I will call next week to see about that.

I did lose a pound today, but my weight has been flip flopping a few ounces or a pound for about a week *grrrr*..hopefully I will just stay on the down train for now.

It is snowing here again! Isn't it March?? I am so ready for spring..

I wanted to share a really good dinner I found at Whole Foods. Awhile back I got a box of sweet potato pancakes and zucchini pancakes, they are so good! I had 1 as my meal, along with a little squash and tabbouleh. I know it wasn't protein, but just once in awhile for a change it's not bad..

Monday, March 1, 2010

..nail biting time..

After some appointment rearranging and rescheduling, I managed to squeeze into a slot this afternoon with my surgeon, my original appt on Thursday I had to cancel because I am away this weekend. I am so nervous because I want my fill soooo badly, it's been 6 weeks since surgery. (well tomorrow is 6 weeks) I have lost 5-6 lb since my last appt, so I'm wondering if he is going to deny me again!!?? Although, I have hit a plateau, and haven't lost anything in several days. So do I tell him the truth, that I notice that when I eat solids I don't lose, so I have been eating a lot of liquids and mushies..? Do I beg? Do I try to come up with a way to flourish the truth a bit to make him see how I need this!! I am flying this weekend and I am not going to have access to my normal routine foodwise. Some restriction would be perfect! I am packing some major things I need for the daytime..protein shakes, protein bars, but thats about it.

Dear Dr. Please give me a fill?? Pretty Please with sugar on top...*big smile* How can you say no to this face..?

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tummy huwts.

For the first time since being banded, I felt so awful last night after dinner. I didn't really eat much else through the day, but for dinner I had a stir fry with a peanut sauce and lots of veggies. It was sooo good that I think I either ate too much or maybe it got stuck a bit..? I've never been stuck before so I don't know..the uncomfortable feeling was more lower in my tummy, I assume if you're stuck it would be higher up..? Not sure, but I was miserable last night, and I am so not going to eat that much again. I went back for more carrots *pouty face*.

On the weight loss front.. I had a kickin week. But I've noticed I have become a slave to the scale. In a wicked way it controls my day by it's reading that morning. I was noting this last night, because I had a .7 gain yesterday. I had a good day, shopped a little, did my workout as usual, but all day i just had a sluggish feeling. Like I wasn't as motivated or didn't feel as good after my workout. And it's because I didn't lose weight yesterday! I am going out of town next weekend and unless there is a scale in the hotel gym I will wean a little then. I would like to think I could weigh in once a week but .....doubt it.

Does anyone know Lauren Conrad from the Hills..well, I love her, and she just came out with her own fashion Kohls! It is very reasonable and very cute. I tried on a couple of her dresses yesterday, in a size 16! They were snug around the middle, but nuthin my spanx couldn't work a little magic on. I ended up purchasing a wicked cool sequin jacket, and I didn't have to get and XL. I have been eyeing one of these for awhile. They are nice because you can wear them with everything, little skirts or jeans and heels. I've noticed already that more doors are opening up for me clothing wise.

Friday, February 26, 2010

A friend shared this with me last night and I loved it!
Enjoy your Friday all :))**

Just click on it to make it full size.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cliff walk and a comparison pic.

I went on a beautiful walk the other day in Newport, RI. It goes along the ocean and is called a cliff walk. We went for about 3 miles, I was so sore the next day.

I wanted to put a pic on here of me in early!

Some of my faves in the cupboard.

I thought I would post about some of the things that I like to have in the house. I know that I am on solids now but, i have made the decision to not eat pasta or starches hardly ever. I haven't had any pasta since before banding, and I have not had starches at all, just one night we made some sweet potato fries here at home. I have been eating a lot of veggies, and I actually still eat a lot of the things that were on my mushies diet. I find I like a lot of it, and it seems to be working for me.

I almost forgot..I lost 2 lbs this morning!! So I surpassed the 35 mark. I was so happy.. ::does happy dance::

These are sandwich thins that I want to make pizzas with..

These are the makings for it..I forgot to put the reduced fat mozzarella in the shot.

I keep this around to dip my fresh veggies in, I also love roasted veggies.

Picked this up the other day, and I think we are going to use it with carrots to make some kind of carrot muffins, I loveeee carrot cake!

I know it's a slider food, but I am a big fan of Amy's low fat organic soups, big in my diet.

These only have 110 calories, these are bagel thins, I haven't had one yet, I am going to keep them around for when I absolutely want those carbs!

I eat a lot of seafood, and salmon is my favorite. I had this the other morning made with eggs and seasonings for an egg bake =yum..

Haven't tried this yet, but looked good!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Going thru my closet.

I have been going through a lot of my clothes that haven't fit me for awhile, and today I put on a pair of jeans that I used to wear..and they fit! It was a tight fit, but by golly I got 'em zipped :)) I notice that I had a tendency to buy clothes that I knew didn't fit me at the time, or would be a little snug, but I always told myself, it will fit me soon. Pfffft. Well, now they are fitting me. So many cute summer dresses and my old t-shirts that were too tight. So much stuff I forgot I even had! I found a dress today that I got from Marshalls last summer, I couldn't wear it, but now I can.

I was .9 down today. That makes my loss 34 lbs now! Whoa. I really think I am going to reach the mini goal I set for myself next month. I have just been really watching my calorie count, and trying not to snack.

It has been raing here for 2 days, and it is so cold and raw out, I am wrapped in blankets and just trying to stay warm.

Thats all for now ☮

Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Funday.

I was thinking this morning about my day yesterday. I really had fun, I felt good, and I think it shows in my attitude and the way I dress. Last summer when I was at my heaviest, I barely wanted to do anything, I wouldn't do "playful" things, like run up the steps at the capital building and jump around. I always wore the same clothes bc I felt I looked horrible in everything. Now I am having so much fun getting dressed bc I have all these clothes that didn't fit for so long, it's like a new wardrobe kind of. I know I have a long way to go, but I was down another 1.5 lb today, and I even had wine yesterday!

It just makes me realize how depressed I was in that body. It is such a bad feeling. I used to look at other girls and envy the way that they are so carefree like, I want to be her!

I love my blogger family too. You are so inspirational. I love reading how everyone has up's and downs just like me. I love reading recipes to share and looing at pictures. Okay okay, I'm done being soppy.

Well, I hope everyone has a great day!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Providence fun :)

I had so much fun in Providence today. There is this great Indian store that has everything under the sun, and the man is so sweet there, he has signs up that say if there is something you need in the store but can't afford it to let him know. I love it. I also found some crazy sunglasses, and did some dreamy window shopping.

Lunch was amazing, I had miso salmon..only had a few bites but is was so yum. Thought I would share some pics..

My Rocky moment at the capital building.

Fun at lunch :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Beautiful Blogger time!

Barbara so kindly nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award.. (blushes)

Here are the directions.

• Thank the person who nominated you for this award

• Copy the award and post it in your blog

• Link to the blog of the person who nominated you

• Tell seven interesting things about yourself

• Nominate seven bloggers

• Post links to the blogs of your nominees

Well here goes - seven things you may not know about me:

1) I love used bookstores. You can find me there all the time, and I own hundreds of books.

2) I was on the yearbook committee in high school, and loved it. My teacher was this cool hippie with Hendrix posters up all over the room. Loved him.

3). I have two boys, Chase and Kayden = *swoon*

4). I have 5 dogs, 2 cats, 2 parrots, 5 goats, and 1 chicken.

5) I have a lamp fetish, I have so many lamps, they are all over the house..I am constantly rotating them around from room to room. I think that lamplight is so much more inviting and soft than ceiling lights.

6) I love the beach. I love it so much that I buy a season pass to park. Living by the ocean is so wonderful.

7). I had cottage cheese for the first time when I started the lap-band process, I had managed to avoid my whole life!

So here are my nominations -

She is doing so well and I love reading her blog!

Band Groupie
Such a sweetheart, and she has been doing fabulous! Has great advice to give..

Love her writing style, so witty!

I love her humor, makes me laugh...her blog is such a great read!

She is such a warm, sweet person, and was one of my first blogger friends!

Her blog inspires me :)

Girl Bandit
One of my big supporters, and her blog is great!

Thank you again Barbara!

Loving my band ♡ ♡ ♡ ♥ ♥ ♥

I know I'm a new bandster, but I loved it when I put a dress on this week that fit again..! Several months ago I couldn't even put it on. I was talking about this last night, and I realized that for the first time in my life, I am going to lose this weight. Its just that simple. I used to always say.."if I lose weight" "I'll try this diet, or that diet" " I will go to the gym" or use Alli, or whatever! It's different now...and I don't think that I really knew how much my life would change. So, I just wanted to give my band a shout out. Cuz it's the bomb :)

I lost 1 lb this morning, gotta love that. I actually cooked yesterday (I don't usually do the cooking), I made a low fat chicken veggie soup with low sodium chicken and veggie broth, and all the fresh veggies I could find in the fridge. It was so good, and I even had a small piece of cornbread with it. This whole solids thing isn't too bad.

I thought I would share with everyone today two of my puppies..just because they are adorable and I want everyone to smile!

They are not really trying to kill each other here, they just play like this..
Enjoy your day all!

Ps..I know I'm new at the blogging thing, but I saw that Barbara nominated me (curtsy) Thank you thank you. At this poin I am unsure if I am supposed to do something, like if there is a proper nominee etiquette.